Membership Benefits

Participate at a level that's right for you

With tiered membership levels, communities and businesses of every size can participate and have a direct impact on economic development across the state and in their communities. TexasOneSM annual membership levels range from $1,000 to $100,000 and offer an array of benefits. A summary of membership levels can be found below.


Keeping Members Informed

TexasOneSM partners are kept informed through the TexasOneSM website, TexasOneSM MemberUpdate, and quarterly board meetings.


How to Join

TexasOneSM is a program of the Texas Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit, non-partisan, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation managed by a statewide board of directors appointed by Governor Perry. Fill out membership form here.

Membership Levels

*Membership does not include participation fees excluding Executive levels and up. Membership and participation fees must be up to date in order to participate in events and mission trips.

Investor: $100,000/year

Have a direct impact on our state's ongoing economic development efforts. Membership includes:

  • Executive level benefits; and
  • The opportunity to participate in key committees.

Executive: $50,000/year

The backbone of the TexasOne™ team. Membership includes:

  • Developer level benefits;
  • Mission participation fees waived;
  • Seat on the Governor's Economic Development Partnership Council; and
  • Logo placement on TexasOne Business Journal ad.

Developer: $25,000/year

The glue that holds our team together. Membership includes:

  • Entrepreneur level benefits;
  • Invitation to all domestic business recruitment missions;
  • Invitation to all international business recruitment missions for two representatives;
  • Invitation to signature events;
  • A table at quarterly board meeting luncheon for up to 8 guests; and
  • Corporate logo inclusion on marketing materials and website.

Entrepreneur: $10,000/year

On the move. Membership includes:

  • Patron level benefits;
  • Invitation to all international business recruitment missions;
  • Invitation to all economic development roundtables hosted by TxEDC chairman;
  • Participation and recognition in consultant events; and
  • TexasOne Boots.

Patron: $5,000/year

Increasing influence and access. Membership includes:

  • Pioneer level benefits;
  • Invitation to all domestic business recruitment missions;
  • Invitation to quarterly board meetings and member luncheons for up to 2 guests; and
  • Invitation to one international business recruitment mission.

Pioneers: $1,000/year

Entry level. Membership includes:

  • Monthly TexasOne™ MemberUpdate;
  • Invitation to two domestic business recruitment mission;
  • Invitation to the quarterly board meetings and member luncheons;
  • Invitation to consultant events in Texas;
  • Invitation to economic development forums, industry forums and international events; and
  • Advertising discounts and placement upgrades in the Business Journal.

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